Entirely online • Training with world-leading practitioners •
Accredited by a leading UK university • Global network of
educators • Optional travel to London for workshops • Credit awarded based
on your current practice • Includes
online training courses for teachers in your
school •Highly positive and lasting impacts on your career, school and students •
Cost-efficient, with the option of monthly fee fulfilment







Course commences January 2021
Application Deadline 1 December 2020


£25,000: Standard program fee
£7,200 (inclusive of UK tax): Fee for this International Scholars Program


In offering this program at a reduced cost, our aim is to enable educational
leaders from across the globe, regardless of financial ability, to access this
program and to connect with and learn from an inclusive, diverse cohort.

Inclusion Expert, in Proud Partnership with Global Leaders of Education

The Inclusion Expert Masters Program in Inclusive Educational Leadership

Helping you to help your students, your school and your career

The Inclusion Expert International Scholars Program: A Masters
in Inclusive Educational Leadership

Inclusion Expert has worked with over 10,000 schools to narrow the attainment gap, diminish exclusions and train staff in special needs across the UK and globally. Our online training has won awards and our team comprises some of the most experienced and respected leaders in Inclusive Education.

This unique program will enable school leaders to train in and evidence outstanding practice and real organizational change in support of the most vulnerable and challenging students. There are three elements:
1) An online Masters;
2) Online training for your school staff in Social, Emotional and Mental Health pedagogy; and
3) Individualized coaching.

A Truly Global Program
LEARN directly from some of the world’s leading experts in Special Needs and Social, Emotional and Mental Health Pedagogy
CONNECT with students from across the world, learn from each other and create a life-long network
PURSUE further optional in-person studies in London

Pastoral scholarship
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Successful candidates will be awarded a Masters in Inclusive Educational Leadership. Together with the acclaimed University of Buckingham, we have designed this course to fit in with the busy lives of our prospective students. We have minimized the time commitment whilst maximizing the encouragement and celebration of impact. We won’t ask students to take study days out of the school. Instead: • We ask for 4 succinct essays (3-5,000 words) and a folder of evidence showing what you learned, what you did and what the impact was in your school setting • You will complete a Masters dissertation (10,000 words), supported directly by the University • Online learning is easy to access, can be completed in 5- minute sessions per week and is flexible enough to fit in with lots of different types of setting

University of Buckingham

Who should apply?

Does this sound like you?

You are an effective leader, with a high level of emotional intelligence. You go the extra mile and advocate for students whom others may consider difficult. You are fascinated by the psychological aspects of children and their needs, which may stem from past traumas or a challenging home life. You have a proven track record in improving the life chances for the most vulnerable in your setting, and you want to ensure that your colleagues are equipped with the skills to support these students. You understand that effective social and emotional leadership is most evident in the classroom and therefore much of your focus lies in supporting teachers as well as students.

If this describes you, you will be in a strong position to be awarded a place on this unique international program. You may also want to discuss your eligibility, and any other questions, with your regional coordinator/lead.

The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate the following competencies:
  Essential Desirable
A Bachelors or undergraduate degree X
Demonstratable success with vulnerable and challenging students X
Has worked in an inclusion role for at least one year X
Is able to reflect on their own practice X
Can work effectively with other staff X
Effective work with challenging and hard-to-reach parents X
Has reached a senior leadership position X
Has completed additional special needs training X
Has led at least one whole-school initiative X
Has a teaching qualification X
Has experience of challenging colleagues appropriately X

Overview of the Masters Program

Learning, Action, Impact, Support & Assessment

See course information (click here)
Element of course Module 1: Leading
people and organization
Module 2: Upskilling staff Module 3: Change for students Module 4: Innovate & lead other settings
AIMS This module is all about
leading staff and
organizational change.
You will take simple but
thoughtful steps to help
you identify what will have
the greatest impact within
your setting for the most
vulnerable and
challenging students. You
will demonstrate key
leadership competencies
and be able to evidence
the impact of your actions
on your setting.
Your staff will have
access to comprehensive
professional development
for working with the most
challenging students. The
five online courses
are Attachment in the
Classroom; Behavior as
Advanced Listening Skills
and, Resilience for
learning and How to
Support Students in a
Crisis.This module translates
your Supportive role –
which is often about what
happens outside of the
classroom – to getting
knee deep in the art of
You will work with a
minimum of five students
and through coaching and
working with other staff, will
create and implement an
action plan that will evidence
a positive impact for the
young people you are
working with. Alongside this
you will ensure that
colleagues in your setting
are aware of their duties for
working with vulnerable
students and you will
evidence how you have
effectively supported them. 
In this module, you will have
the opportunity to embrace
your own specific area of
interest and develop an
innovative practice for your
school and share it with other
settings. The idea is that you
become not only an expert
leader in your own school but
you are able to support other
schools as well. This could be
through small group or
individual coaching or larger
workshops or lectures. The
key will be to follow up and
find out what your training led
to in change and impact. 
Skills and
Write an
• Identified need
• Action plan
• Implement
• Working with
• Tracking impact
Work with a minimum of
5 staff to support their
learning through the IE
SEMH online-learning
Track evidence of their
learning, what they implemented and the
impact this had on key
students and the whole
Work with a minimum of 5
vulnerable and/or
challenging students and
support their transformation:
• Identify needs
• Action plan
• Working with staff
• Liaising with key
• Tracking impact
Develop innovation practice to
meet needs of SEMH in your
• Identify a need
• Action plan
• Implementation
• Review of impact
Support minimum of 2 other
settings in training in your
innovation either through
workshop or 1:1
Support Coaching sessions, webinars and resources, Online course content, IT help, a mentor, group sessions with other students,
guidance from the university, additional training from other organizations that are contributing to this course.
Assessment Each Module will be assed with one 4000-5000 word essay.
You will be expected to have read and be able to cite research in organizational leadership, staff development and so on.
This academic deep dive will furnish you with new ways of viewing your work.
Folio of
Throughout the course, you will record into a folder evidence of what you have learned, what you did and what the impact
was. This folder will be worth 40% of your overall grade.
You will be provided with guidance and support directly by the University of Buckingham in how to complete this research
project. See the link to the Masters Dissertation section.

Benefits of the scholarship for the whole school

School Leadership (click here)
  • Reduced exclusions and time drain for top 10 most challenging behavior cases
  • High quality whole school training that is not time-consuming or expensive
  • Improved wellbeing and relationships between staff, students and parents
  • An opportunity to become a setting of pastoral excellence
  • Demonstrate real change in both soft and hard data terms to key stakeholders including OFSTED
  • University grade recognition for outstanding work
Classroom Teachers (click here)
  • High quality support and strategies for the classroom through award winning online training
  • An understanding of attachment theory and its practical applications
  • Improved ability to respond to challenging behavior and understand how all behavior is a communication
Cohort of Students (click here)
  • Improved outcomes for those with Social Emotional Metal Health, special education and inclusion needs and reduced disruption
  • Adults who understand their needs and can adapt accordingly
  • Improved relationships and calmer learning environment
Parents (click here)
  • Improved relationships with school staff
  • More engaged with and encouraging of the school

Find out more about our online Social, Emotional and Mental Health
Pedagogy courses for classroom staff

These courses support school leaders and classroom staff to understand and practise the art of inclusive classrooms, and to compliment the exceptional supportive work schools already do outside of the classroom through counselling, additional lessons and specialists.
Our aim is to equip teachers to include all children in the classroom and to enable them (child and teacher) to thrive.

How does the Inclusion Expert Scholarship and financing work?

Item Cost When this is due
Application Form £50 Submission of application form (non-refundable) deadline December 1
st 2020
Masters Program £20,000 reduced to £5000

Having been accepted on to the program, you will need to pay the full fee of £7200 by December 23rd 2020.

Please contact the office for payment options.

We advise you to liaise with your school setting to find out if contribution by the school is available.

Whole School SEMH Pedagogy Training £4000 reduced to £1200
3 Online Coaching Sessions £3000 reduced to £1000

Inclusion Expert Scholarship Application Process

  1. Evidence of competencies – fill out the table below.
  2. Written statement – 500 words of why you want to do this course, why you should be a recipient of a place on this prestigious course and what you hope to do with this qualification in the future.
  3. Signature and agreement of a senior member of staff from your school setting.
  4. One character reference of approx. 100 words from someone who has known you for at least 3 years and can attest to your ability to complete a course and have emotional intelligence and awareness enough to kindly and compassionately support staff and students.
  5. The Inclusion Expert team will be in touch to process the £50 (tax incl.) non-refundable administration fee for processing the application.
  6. If English is not your first language, then please do speak with the Inclusion Expert team to confirm your capability of writing high level academic essays in English.

We aim to respond to all applications within 2 weeks. Applicants who have not been accepted will be written to with feedback.

Application Form

Has a first degree YesNo YesNo
Has been successful with vulnerable and challenging students YesNo YesNo
Has been a pastoral leader for at least one year YesNo YesNo
Is able to reflect on their own practice YesNo YesNo
Can work effectively with other staff YesNo YesNo
Senior Leader YesNo YesNo
Has completed additional pastoral training YesNo YesNo
Has led whole school initiative YesNo YesNo
Has a teaching qualification YesNo YesNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be additional costs through the year? Will I have to buy books or other materials?

There will be costs of books and any materials you will need such as computer and so on. You will need to access the internet to attend the online webinars.
Aside from the usual course equipment, there are no additional costs.

Will I be able to take time out for school holidays?

Yes, this course is designed to fit in with your existing hectic life!  We understand better the demands on teachers at home and at work, which is why we’ve designed this to work with you. Yes, there are additional pieces of work, but we will be here to support you with coaching to ensure this is a success for you, your pupils and school.

Who will assess the four essays and what feedback will I receive for them?

The University of Buckingham will assess the essays. They will provide feedback and allow you to resubmit if there are any problems. Our aim is to support
you so you know what is expected of you and how to best go about doing the written work.

How do you take payments?

See above. Please discuss this with our Bursar if you need..

What do I receive at the end of the programme?

You will receive a Masters in Inclusive Educational Leadership from the University of Buckingham and you can also add to your CV/BIO that you were an
Inclusion Expert Scholar

How much does it cost?

Total is £7,200

How do I sign up?

Fill in the application form. If you have any further questions or are not sure about anything then please do be in touch with the office.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss your application with us, then please send an email to: Please ensure you state where you heard about the course, and which city/town your school is in so we know which regional lead to put you in touch with.