Celebrating the businesses that help our schools!

28th February 2019 @ The Eastern Education Show

Have you ever stood back and wished that you could reward the businesses in your school’s community for their contribution to the work you all do in improving the life chances of children?

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About the awards

One of Inclusion Expert’s missions in life is to help celebrate and promote good practice. So many awards are competitive where one wins over another and so many of the wonderful characters that a school relies upon get missed out.

As a team, we have visited thousands of schools and we encounter fantastic staff everywhere and we think there isn’t quite enough public recognition for the brilliant people running our schools.

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What is this?

For just the cost of a nice dinner, this is an opportunity to gain public and external recognition of your business contribution to schools, some additional advertising and an accolade for your marketing.

This is not a competition, you just need to apply and persuade the panel that you have what it takes!

You will receive a certificate at the Eastern Education Show ceremony and we will advertise the recipients both at the show and on social media.

Why get involved

  • Showcase your business and, more importantly, your people on a public stage, gain recognition and network with industry and education professionals at the Eastern Education Show.
  • External recognition of your business’ contribution to schools – providing them with a certificate and credible mark on their CV.
  • Publish your winning Inclusion award on your business’ website and social media.
  • Winners will be showcased on inclusionexpert.com and in our email database.
  • Inclusion Expert and Daniel Sobel will celebrate the winners on LinkedIn and Twitter – a combined following of over 26k senior leaders and education specialists.
Daniel Sobel

For the cost of a nice bunch of flowers, this is an opportunity to publicly and externally recognise, appreciate and celebrate someone or even a group of people in your school who have made a significant contribution. You get awarded a certificate at the Eastern Education Show.

This is something your staff will put on their CV, tell their friends and family about as well as it being something you can celebrate on your school website and media.

Daniel Sobel / CEO

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