Celebrating the staff and people who help your school!


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Why get involved

  • Showcase your school and, more importantly, your people on a public stage, gain recognition and network with industry and education professionals at the Eastern Education Show.
  • Celebrate your staff and their success – providing them with a certificate and credible mark on their CV.
  • Publish your winning Inclusion award on your school’s website and social media.
  • Winners will be showcased on inclusionexpert.com and in our email database.
  • Inclusion Expert and Daniel Sobel will celebrate the winners on LinkedIn and Twitter – a combined following of over 25k.
Daniel Sobel

For the cost of a nice bunch of flowers, this is an opportunity to publicly and externally recognise, appreciate and celebrate someone or even a group of people in your school who have made a significant contribution. You get awarded a certificate at the Eastern Education Show.

This is something your staff will put on their CV, tell their friends and family about as well as it being something you can celebrate on your school website and media.

Daniel Sobel / CEO