We partner with federations of all sizes including LAs, MATs, TSAs, Virtual Schools and Clusters.

We provide coordinated campaigns to narrow the gap of the most vulnerable, reduce exclusions and train staff. Support is bespoke for each school in the federation. In a recent project, for example, we started with a general review of each school, which allowed us to identify the challenges each one faced. We then tailored programmes of consulting, training and resources to get them back on track.

See an example of our bespoke support programmes

Inclusion Expert is running a comprehensive inclusion improvement programme with Swindon’s virtual school. The goal of this programme is sustainable change. See how our programmes have halved the attainment gap within 6 months.
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Here’s how we can help:


Each school has unique challenges – whether it be Pupil Premium, SEN, Differentiation or EYFS. Our astute in-school reviews address your school’s unique challenges.Ask a member of our team about our consultancy, implementation and review days.

Online Training Tools

Discover our award-winning CPD for teachers and TAs. These applications and their accompanying resources are available anytime, anywhereSpeak to our team today to choose the right training tool for your school and staff.

We’re always happy to discuss your projects. We’d love for you to get in touch!