Inclusion Expert is proud to partner with the University of Buckingham
to bring you a unique and world class Masters in Inclusive Educational Leadership.

  • Entirely online and accessible globally
  • Training with world leading practitioners
  • Credits awarded on practical applications in your current practice
  • Highly positive and lasting impact on your career, school and students

All students receive:

  • Access to the University online library and support services
  • Free Membership of the International Forums of Inclusion Practitioners, providing networking opportunities with inclusion practitioners from around the world and access to additional resources (

Starts September 2023

Application Deadline 16th July 2023

Duration: 2 years           Attendance: Part-time, online           Level: Postgraduate         

Qualification: Master of Art               Credits: 180

Entry requirements:

UK degree 2:2 or above (or recognised equivalent)

Employed in an educational setting


UK: tbc (estimated £7,500 – £8,150) plus £275 registrations fee (non-refundable)

International: tbc (estimated £7,500 – £8,150) plus £275 registrations fee (non-refundable)

How to apply:

Students must apply through the University of Buckingham


Course Information Sessions with Daniel Sobel & Ruth Hammond (Course Leader)

Come along to one of our information sessions to find out more about the course and ask any questions.

Dates for 2023/24: tbc 

The Masters Program in Inclusive Educational Leadership

Helping you to help your students, your school and your career.

This Masters programme, accredited by the University of Buckingham, consists of 5 modules at Level 7 that will enable educational and aspiring leaders to train in outstanding practices and whole-school change, in support of the most vulnerable and challenging students.

The programme aims to enable teachers to develop their leadership competency through critical evaluation of research and scholarship and to integrate this with their own practice. Students will be able to analyse, engage in and reflect on these educational issues and on the implications for their own educational setting.

Inclusion Expert has worked with over 10,000 schools to narrow the attainment gap, diminish exclusion and train staff in special needs across the UK and globally. Our training has won awards and our team comprises some of the most experienced and respected leaders in Inclusive Education.

Together with the acclaimed University of Buckingham, we have designed this course to fit in with the busy lives of our prospective students. We have minimized the time commitment whilst maximizing the encouragement and celebration of impact.

A Truly Global Program

LEARN directly from some of the world’s leading experts in Special Needs and Social, Emotional and Mental Health Pedagogy

SHARE experiences and practice with fellow students and discover how these may differ in other countries.

CONNECT with students from across the country and around the world, make new friends and create a life-long network.

How Does It Work

This course is a 2 year programme, undertaken entirely online and in English with all students being members of the University from the start.

YEAR 1 – Consists of 4 modules which are delivered by Inclusion Expert. All students complete Modules 1 to 3 and then choose one option for Module 4. Throughout the modules students are required to complete regular reflections of up to 1,500 words each, as well as, one essay for each module rising in number of words from 3,000 to 10,000.  Each essay is awarded a number of credits towards the end mark.

YEAR 2 – Consists of Module 5, the dissertation, which is delivered by the University of Buckingham. Students must design and carry out a research project for the dissertation of between 12,000 to 15,000 words.

Upon successful completion of both years students will be awarded a Masters in Inclusive Educational Leadership.

Students are expected to do some activity every week in Year 1, comprising of attending an online lecture or discussion group, as well as doing some reading and writing.  Students can expect to spend 10-15 hours a week working on this course, but this is an average and some weeks will be more than this.

As this is a 180 credit, 2 year, part-time Master’s course, students living in the UK are eligible for a Postgraduate Masters loan (

Students must apply through the University of Buckingham    APPLY NOW

Who should apply?

Does this sound like you?

You are an effective leader, with a high level of emotional intelligence. You go the extra mile and advocate for students whom others may consider difficult. You are fascinated by the psychological aspects of children and their needs, which may stem from past traumas or a challenging home life. You have a proven track record in improving the life chances for the most vulnerable in your setting, and you want to ensure that your colleagues are equipped with the skills to support these students. You understand that effective social and emotional leadership is most evident in the classroom and therefore much of your focus lies in supporting teachers as well as students.If this describes you, you will be in a strong position to be awarded a place on this unique international program. You may also want to discuss your eligibility, and any other questions, with your regional coordinator/lead.

Overview of the Masters Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment and other tools do I need to undertake the programme?
  • A computer and internet access with the ability to attend webinars (a camera and a microphone are essential).
  • An email address to receive notices and communications about the course.
  • Certain books if you don’t have them already.
The programme is entirely online so what IT skills must I have?
  • All work is submitted digitally so you must be able to type, format and present work to the University of Buckingham standard.
  • Reflections and essays are uploaded to the University’s online portal where you will also receive your feedback and access the student handbook and library so you must be happy using online sites.
  • Lectures and discussion groups are held as live webinars so you will need to know how to join these.
Will I be able to take time out for holidays?

Yes, this course is designed to fit in with your existing school life. The University runs a three term academic year of 10 weeks each term, very similar to the standard school year. Each term has a half term holiday break in the middle and a longer holiday break at the end of each term. Students will find these breaks are the best time to take a holiday but are reminded that there will still be some homework to do during these breaks.

How much does it cost and how do I apply?
  • The course fee for 2023/24 (yet to be confirmed) will be in the range of £7,500 – £8,150 for both UK and International students.
  • A non-refundable £275 registration fee is payable on top of this.
  • All fees are paid to the University.
  • Applications must be made by the 16th July 2023 to the University APPLY HERE
What do I receive at the end of the programme?

Provided that you have earnt enough credits then you will receive a Master’s in Inclusive Educational Leadership from the University of Buckingham.

How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed through essays, reflections and the dissertation. While there are support systems for students who find themselves at risk of failing, it is a requirement to pass all of these.

Can I leave the programme at any time?
  • Once you have commenced the programme you may leave any time at your discretion, but you will not be able to pass the course and dependent when you leave you may not receive a refund of course fees.
  • A full refund of course fees (less the registration fee) is available if you leave within 2 weeks of the course commencement. After this, the University has a sliding scale of refunds available dependent on when you leave.

Contact Us

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