Our experts work with schools around the world and have consulted with the European Union, governments and NGOs.

Including vulnerable students and narrowing the attainment gap are pressing issues in almost every society. We offer consultation to schools, local districts, NGOs, governments and international bodies. CEO and Founder Daniel Sobel is a thought leader in inclusion and a sought-after international speaker. He has worked with schools in Europe, the US, Australia, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and many other countries.
Our online resources for differentiation, understanding presentations of need, teaching assistants and more are used by schools all around the world.

Here’s how we can help:

TA Online Training

3 Online TA Training Courses

  • The outstanding TA in
    the classroom
  • Supporting personalised learning
  • Pre- and over-learning
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TA Online Training

Primary & Secondary Online Training

QFT and EYFS Online Training Series’

  • Teaching standards in detail
  • Differentiation and personalised learning
  • Watch, read, do, review successful formula
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