We train, coach and provide online resources for Early Years, Junior, Primary, Secondary and Further Education.

We support teachers in delivering outstanding QFT with a focus on differentiation. Central to our work is enabling line managers to support teachers in delivering QFT, and enabling teachers, in turn, to support their teaching assistants. TAs can be brilliant inclusion practitioners but all too often are held back because they are poorly deployed. Our emphasis on good management ensures that change is sustainable. The attainment gap starts long before children arrive at school. Our EYFS reviews, resources and training ensure EYFS settings catch problems early on.

Here’s how we can help:

Pupil Premium Review

Are you trying to narrow the gap? Work with our leading consults to build an implementation plan that ensures all barriers are recognised and met.

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SEN Review

Do you have issues surrounding your SEN code of practice? Work with our experts to maximise your SEN budget.

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