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In so many of the schools we work with, 80% of inclusion resources are spent firefighting a handful of the most difficult cases. We help break the downwards spiral, freeing up resources and avoiding the possible permanent exclusion of your school’s most challenging students.

In our behaviour reviews, one of our inclusion experts spends a day working with a senior leader on a plan of action for these students. We model alternative ways of managing interventions, paperwork, teacher liaison and multiple agency work; in addition to reviewing paperwork and advising on difficult upcoming meetings.

The 360 degree assessment is one of our most powerful and popular resources. Simple to use, it gives teachers and TAs the language to articulate the needs and behaviours they see presented in the classroom and to seek support accordingly.

We also offer consultancy and training focused on safeguarding, LAC and designated teachers.

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The support given to me was incredibly useful but also challenging. It has enabled me to have a much clearer overview of the inclusion provision in my school as well as the ability to have an open and honest discussion about the barriers that impact on our school and how we are addressing them.

Marshland St James Primary and Nursery School

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Inclusion Expert is running a comprehensive inclusion improvement programme with Swindon’s virtual school. The goal of this programme is sustainable change. See how our programmes have halved the attainment gap within 6 months.

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