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In his recent book Narrowing the Attainment Gap (Bloomsbury’s “educational book of the year”), Inclusion Expert CEO Daniel Sobel sets out a practical vision for tackling one of the most pressing social issues of our time. We will assist you to implement the key strategies outlined in the book.

All of our consultancy, from SEN to safeguarding, is designed to help narrow the gap by extension. Our Pupil Premium reviews are focused one-day sessions which ensure that your school:

  • – is receiving the full funding it is eligible for
  • – is spending the funding effectively
  • – is demonstrating the impact to Ofsted with hard and soft data

The main task of the day is working together on an implementation plan. These tailored plans have helped our schools win awards and narrow their gap by half in six months.

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A focussed day exploring all aspects of provision for our vulnerable students. I am looking forward to receiving the report which we will use to inform our next steps to further improve our provision and outcomes for vulnerable students at Wakefield City Academy.

Wakefied City Academy

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Inclusion Expert is running a comprehensive inclusion improvement programme with Swindon’s virtual school. The goal of this programme is sustainable change. See how our programmes have halved the attainment gap within 6 months.

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