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The primary goal in our work with SENCOs is to cut their paperwork burden and get them out from the inclusion office into classrooms. SENCOs do their best work when they are free to train and support teachers to include all students—not when they’re stuck crisis managing a handful of challenging cases.

We offer SEN reviews, in-depth provision audits, and one-on-one SENCO coaching to help SENCOs include all students regardless of need.

The Inclusion Expert SEN Code of Practice pack is a straightforward guide for schools to implement and check their compliance with the SEN Code of Practice. Our other innovative resources include the IE provision map, which is a simple but powerful tool for tracking interventions both individually and collectively.

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I thought that it was a really useful process to go through and I would recommend to other schools. Both days and the resources like the 360 tool were very useful. It was also good to actually have the action plan written and to begin focusing on specific children and their needs. Jon was very easy to talk to and extremely helpful.

Grange Junior School

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Inclusion Expert is running a comprehensive inclusion improvement programme with Swindon’s virtual school. The goal of this programme is sustainable change. See how our programmes have halved the attainment gap within 6 months.

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