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We train, coach and provide online resources for Early Years, Primary and Secondary practitioners.

We support teachers in delivering outstanding QFT with a focus on differentiation. Enabling line managers to support teachers in delivering QFT is central to our work—and enabling teachers, in turn, to support their teaching assistants. TAs can be brilliant inclusion practitioners but all too often are held back because they are poorly deployed. Our emphasis on good management ensures that change is sustainable.

Our extensive library of training videos and online QFT courses are powerful training resources that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

In addition, we offer focused coaching to help teachers with differentiation and learning coaching.

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A very supportive visit – thank you. Michael was very flexible to arrange discussions to meet our needs/ worries. Reassured me that we have a successful approach to meet these children’s needs. The learning walk led by the Y5s was a good idea and led to some interesting views.

Eldene Nursery and Primary School

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Inclusion Expert is running a comprehensive inclusion improvement programme with Swindon’s virtual school. The goal of this programme is sustainable change. See how our programmes have halved the attainment gap within 6 months.

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