We help students receive the correct Access Arrangements

How does it work?

Access Arrangements are provisions or support given to a student in exams when a particular need has been identified.

This allows all students the equal opportunity in which to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understanding.

An assessment to identify the students’ needs is required for students in order for them to receive Access Arrangements.

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Why choose Inclusion Expert for Access Arrangements?

Applications for Access Arrangements has now become a core and time consuming part of a SENCOs role. Part of this role involves up to date assessment of students by a professional with assessment expertise together with either a qualification in individual specialist assessment at or equivalent to Level 7 qualified Specialist Assessor, or an SpLD Assessment Practicing Certificate.

Having the experience and qualifications, our service will ensure your students receive the correct Access Arrangements to ensure they are given the same opportunities to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understanding.

I just wanted to let you know how much I have valued and felt supported by your professional and high quality work you have done for me during our time working together at Aldenham school. You have been an asset to supporting the role of the SENCO and not only helped with training on the complexities of the Access Arrangements, carrying out the specialised assessment needed for our students but also with the administrational duties that helped with organising effective filing for the examination inspection process.

Laura | Head of SEN/D and Inclusion

Other ways we can help:

Narrowing the Attainment Gap

Narrowing the Attainment Gap is designed to support school leaders in understanding and reducing the attainment gap in the context of their setting. Drawing on research and his own extensive experience in leading a team that has worked with over 1,000 schools, Daniel Sobel examines the real issues behind the attainment gap and the barriers schools face when trying to narrow it.

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Narrowing the Attainment Gap

SEN Review

Work with an Inclusion Expert to maximise your SEN budget and demonstrate the impact of your work.

Our consultancy will ensure you are compliant with the SEND Code of Practice 0-25, are maximising your SEN assessment, provision and budget and that you can demonstrate the impact of your work. By the end of the day we will have co-authored an implementation plan setting a clear path to your next Ofsted level.

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