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What is a Behaviour Review?

In so many of the schools we visit, 80% of inclusion resources are spent fire fighting a handful of the most difficult cases. The goal of a behaviour review is to break the downwards spiral, freeing up resources and avoiding the possible permanent exclusion of your school’s five most challenging students.

One of our inclusion experts will spend a day working with a senior leader on a plan of action for these students. We will model alternative ways of managing interventions, paperwork, teacher liaison and multiple agency work. We can also review the paperwork relating to these cases and advise on difficult upcoming meetings. This can be done either during the day or over the phone as part of our followup support, which is included in the consultancy fee.

Some schools also use the day to deliver whole-school behaviour training, or to review whole-school policies.

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A one day Behaviour Review ensures that you:

  • Reduce the time, money and emotional energy taken up by your school’s most challenging cases
  • Maximise the outcomes and opportunities for your most vulnerable students

Case Study

Inclusion Expert were asked to carry out a review of a secondary school in the North West of England. Their exclusion figures were high and this concerned them greatly.

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Other ways we can help with Behaviour:

TA Online Training

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      • Pre- and over-learning
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TA Online Training

Primary & Secondary Online Training

QFT and EYFS Online Training Series’

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