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How does Differentiation Coaching work?

Our coaching programme was designed by Wendy Knott, one of the UK’s leading experts on differentiation and personalised learning. Wendy’s method, the Investigative Nuanced Approach (“INA”), which was featured in Headteacher Update, encourages the teacher to seek a more nuanced understanding of their student. It is designed to combat three common barriers to effective differentiation:

  1. Teachers don’t have enough time to make elaborate resources
  2. Teachers don’t know their students well enough
  3. It’s too easy to use generic ‘differentiated’ materials which do not meet individual needs
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Why choose Inclusion Expert for Differentiation Coaching?

  • Most differentiation training is too generic. The Investigative Nuanced Approach is delivered in small groups and is bespoke to teachers’ needs
  • We train senior leaders to continue the coaching after our consultant has left
  • Rather than coming up with new materials, the INA shows teachers how to adapt the resources they already use

The process

The training is delivered through lesson observations and close work with individual teachers. We find this to be much more effective and long-lasting than traditional differentiation training. A typical two-day coaching programme would run as follows:

What have schools said about our Differentiation Coaching?

Other ways we can help:

TA Online Training

3 Online TA Training Courses

      • The outstanding TA in
        the classroom
      • Supporting personalised learning
      • Pre- and over-learning
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TA Online Training

Primary & Secondary Online Training

QFT and EYFS Online Training Series’

      • Teaching standards in detail
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