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How does the EYFS Review work?

Inclusion Expert runs two EYFS Reviews. The first is a General EYFS Review. A consultant visits your setting to evaluate all aspects of EYFS provision in light of both the statutory framework and Ofsted guidelines. Over the course of the day they work with senior leadership to develop a detailed implementation plan. The plan covers training for all staff (both teachers and support staff) to understand and meet the needs of students, and sets out a roadmap for optimising inside and outside environments to promote outstanding learning. During the day or in the follow-up support included in the consulting fee, we can also cover tracking and monitoring systems, parental engagement, and communications about students.

Our EYFS SEN and Vulnerable Children Review homes in on the areas that many EYFS areas struggle with, for example, Year 1 readiness, and the transition from play-based to formal learning. Our team includes EYFS SEN experts such as Hilary Solomon [link to Hilary’s bio on ‘meet the team’. Bio can come from here (bottom of page)], who can help you review difficult cases, such as children with more challenging SEN. We work with you to review every aspect of your setting and staffing, to maximise outcomes for these students with the minimum expenditure of time and money.

The Inclusion Expert team includes several EYFS specialists. Our services were designed by Sue Allingham, who holds a EdD in EYFS. Sue is one of the country’s leading practitioners in early years education and serves as a columnist and consultant editor for Early Years Educator magazine.

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A one-day EYFS Review ensures that your setting:

  • optimises indoor and outdoor spaces for outstanding learning
  • has a team of staff who understand SEN at the EYFS and can meet students’ needs
  • gets maximum results from an efficient use of time and money

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Other ways we can help with EYFS:

Narrowing the Attainment Gap

Narrowing the Attainment Gap is designed to support school leaders in understanding and reducing the attainment gap in the context of their setting. Drawing on research and his own extensive experience in leading a team that has worked with over 1,000 schools, Daniel Sobel examines the real issues behind the attainment gap and the barriers schools face when trying to narrow it.

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SEN Review

Work with an Inclusion Expert to maximise your SEN budget and demonstrate the impact of your work.

Our consultancy will ensure you are compliant with the SEND Code of Practice 0-25, are maximising your SEN assessment, provision and budget and that you can demonstrate the impact of your work. By the end of the day we will have co-authored an implementation plan setting a clear path to your next Ofsted level.

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