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What is a Provision Audit?

Of the more than 1,000 schools we’ve worked with, 90% spend too much money on provisions and interventions. That’s why we developed this consultancy. Working with your SENCO or inclusion lead, our consultant will scrutinise your interventions and paperwork. We’ll work together on an implementation plan to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of your provision.

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A 1-2 day Provision Audit will ensure that you:

  • aren’t wasting money on ineffective provisions
  • are doing the best for your students with the resources you have

What have schools said about our Provision Audit?

Other ways we can help:

TA Online Training

3 Online TA Training Courses

      • The outstanding TA in
        the classroom
      • Supporting personalised learning
      • Pre- and over-learning
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TA Online Training

Primary & Secondary Online Training

QFT and EYFS Online Training Series’

      • Teaching standards in detail
      • Differentiation and personalised learning
      • Watch, read, do, review successful formula
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