Key Steps for Line Managers

Whichever approach you adopt to get your staff using Watch, Read, Do, Review – you will need to do the following:

  1. Share information with your staff: You could introduce it at a twilight or staff meeting showing them how it works and you follow up with an email which can be a copy and paste version of these steps (or download and share this PDF).
  2. Assign a module: Have a look through all 8 and decide which you would like to allocate to staff.
  3. Support your teachers in getting started: We think it is pretty self-explanatory on the website but, if you get into any snags, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with us and we will be very happy to support you.
  4. Check in with your teachers to make sure they are actually doing this: You can tell from your dashboard who has marked their modules as complete BUT you will only get an idea of the impact by having a review discussion with them.

Here are 6 popular approaches that schools have used to establish Watch, Read, Do, Review in their setting

You could adapt one of these ways to best suit your setting:

  • You assign all teachers (or as many as you would like) to work through module 1
  • You set a deadline to complete this by the end of a month
  • You review it together using the discussion points provided in either a group or individual format
  • You continue in this vein throughout the year, assigning a new module each month
  • You assign all teachers all 8 modules
  • You meet with them as a group or individually to explain that they will be responsible for working their way through the course and completing the review section by themselves or with a colleague
  • You check in with them every so often to ensure they are on track and are making progress through the course
  • You meet with the teacher before commencing the course to identify the CPD need and which module would tackle that need first
  • You allow the teacher to work through the module at their own pace
  • You review with them upon completion using the discussion points provided
  • You decide together which module to assign next based on identified CPD needs
  • You meet with the NQT and rank their strengths and areas of development linked to the 8 teacher standards
  • You put together a plan of action for the school year whereby NQTs have an on going programme of support
  • You review the programme alongside the NQT termly evaluations
  • You meet with the staff member and identify specific targets linked to the teacher standards
  • You assign the associated modules
  • You review the programme alongside the support plan
  • You align the modules with the specific actions within the action plan eg Assessment – Standard 6
  • You assign the modules to staff to coincide with whole school training identified within the action plans
  • You review the programme alongside the action plan to demonstrate improvement / progress of QFT
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