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EYFS National Research Initiative

What is the EYFS National Research Initiative?

The EYFS National Research Initiative aims to measure the impact of the award-winning training in as many schools and settings from across England. The results will be published for national circulation.

The training was developed through a collaboration between Dr Sue Allingham, a recognised Early Years expert and researcher; Daniel Sobel, CEO of Inclusion Expert; and Isabel Davis, Executive Head Teacher of Bedford Nursery Schools and Peter Pan Teaching School Alliance.

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Teach Early Years Award

What is EYFS: Watch, Read, Do, Review?

As a quality first online training programme for teachers, the online platform is based on a flexible modular learning experience – Watch, Read, Do, Review (WRDR) – and can be used to suit the needs of each school or setting. Modules can be completed in any order, and at the pace of the team.

This always includes:

  • A five-minute video presentation on principles, content, and learning expectations
  • A best practice activity, featuring real examples in real settings
  • A joint review with the Line Manager to evaluate the impact on practice.

34 five minute
training videos on
specific skills

Read excerpts from
OFSTED statutory
frameworks and other
expert guidance

Practice the
skills with two children

Guidance for the line
manager to review
the impact of what
has been learnt

You have been added as the Setting Project Lead for your school.

To log on to the portal, please click here and follow the set-up wizard instructions.


Once you have completed the set-up wizard on the Inclusion Expert Training Portal, the following will take place:

  • You can log in to assign your Staff Members and Line Managers.
  • Your Staff Members will receive an email notification from which they can log in. Once they have logged in, they can assign their Line Manager.
  • Line Managers will receive an email notification telling them that they can now start reviewing the modules with their team.
  • Review meetings can be scheduled between each Staff Member and their Line Manager to discuss the learning and help track progress.
  • You can log in at any point to see the progress made by Staff Members and Line Managers.


The real answer is that it is entirely up to you, but we have some suggestions that we have seen work successfully in various settings. In all instances, it will require you to:

  • Introduce the training at a meeting with your staff by showing them how it works on a big screen. It can also be helpful to follow up with an email using the information from this website or to print it out and put it in the staff room or on a relevant notice board.
  • Support your teachers in getting started through encouraging conversations and peer support mechanisms appropriate for your setting. Some settings have set up peer-to-peer WhatsApp groups which has proven successful.
  • Check in with your teachers regularly and give them an opportunity to talk about what they have learnt and done.
  • Book a workshop with Dr Sue Allingham, the author of the course. Details of our workshops can be found here.


The teacher’s Line Manager (this could be the Head, or Head of Department or Phase depending on your setting) can log in and see the progress of their staff. The Line Manager can decide which modules they want their staff to do and can even assign specific modules. On their staff dashboard on the Training Portal, they can monitor their staff’s progress and use supplied discussion points and record notes during the review sessions.


Here are 3 popular approaches that schools have used to establish Watch, Read, Do, Review in their setting.

These could be adapted to best suit your setting.

  • Teachers are assigned to work through module one
  • A deadline of one month is set to allow teachers to complete the module
  • The module is reviewed in either group or individual format
  • A new module is assigned each month, until the all the modules have been completed
  • Teachers are assigned to all eight modules
  • At a group or individual meeting, it is explained that teachers will be responsible for working their way through the course and completing the review section by themselves or with a colleague
  • Regular check-ins are scheduled to ensure they are on track and are making progress through the course
  • Before training commence, individual meetings are held to identify the CPD need and to decide which module would satisfy that need first
  • Teachers work through the module at their own pace
  • Reviews are scheduled once a module has been completed
  • A joint decision is made to determine which module to assign next based on the CPD need

For everything Else

We know that there can be a few questions when you’re getting started. Most common answers can be found in our FAQs .

You can also contact our IT helpdesk by emailing helpdesk@inclusionexpert.com and phoning 0333 301 0565. If you have any additional questions, please contact your Group Project Lead.