Common Teacher Questions

Do I select my own modules?

Have a conversation with your Line Manager about this. They might want you to work through the content in a specific order or they may be happy to accommodate what you would like to work on. You will not be able to view any content though unless your Line Manager assigns it to you first.

Will I have to start again every time I log on?

The programme is intuitive and will remember where you are up to. Your progress will be saved automatically.

What do I do with any material I have printed from the read or do sections?

You are not able to store any of your work on the system, apart from the notes that your Line Manager make in the system during your Review. We recommend that you keep a folder with any work you have completed or reading material you have printed out.

What are packages?

The packages are the content within the module. Each module contains either 3, 4 or 5 packages. Each package contains 1 watch, 1 read and 1 do. The review comes at the end of each module instead of each package.

Would the same two children should be identified for all interactions to make tracking easier or can these vary?

It would be best to use the same children throughout to gauge impact of all the work done.

What should I do if I don’t understand something?

Your first point of call should always be your Line Manager or Setting Lead as they are there to support you throughout the course. If you still require assistance, please contact for content related queries or for technical queries.

Common Line Manager Questions

What is EYFS: Watch Read Do Review?

It is a QFT training programme for teachers linked to Ofsted outstanding guidelines. It is made up of 8 modules that are based on the 8 teaching standards. Each module comprises of several bite size videos to watch, useful guidance and advice to read and manageable tasks to do. The Online Training Portal will notify you via email when your Staff Member has completed the module whereafter you must set up a review session.The Portal supplies guided questions and provides a section where notes can be added about the session.

Will it involve much extra work for the teachers?

The specific and guided actions we ask teachers to do after each module don’t take long at all and are never anything they shouldn’t be doing anyway (such as giving useful feedback to struggling students). After each package, there is a very short questionnaire to provide us with useful feedback about the training.

Must all the modules be completed? Must all the Staff Members complete the same modules?

No, they don’t have to. The Line Manager can decide to whom they want to assign which module. It is entirely up to the setting to decide and how it would work best. There is no need for the whole team to work on the same modules at the same time.

How does the line manager get involved?
  1. The Line Manager has access to a dashboard which will show them which modules have been completed by which Staff Member.
  2. The Line Manager decides which modules to assign to which staff member. They can assign specific modules to different staff members
  3. Once a Staff Member has completed a module, the Line Manager will receive a notification from the Online Training Portal to schedule a review. The Portal provides guideddiscussion points and has a section where notes can be added. This is the only feedback that that the Line Manager has to provide.
Which staff members would benefit from this course the most?

The length of the courses really depends on how your staff choose to complete it, i.e., they can do just five minutes a week if they choose only one video, or they can dedicate more time to the programme and complete one or more packages. Each package has an interactive component with the children which needs to be factored into completion time. Each interactive activity is something that the teacher is doing anyway so it shouldn’t add time to their preparation. There are 34 packages in the course, which can be a years’ worth of CPD.

How long does it all take?

It can be used as a reminder and fine-tuner for experienced Teachers or as a guide for the NQT and trainee. It can also be used as a clear programme of support for Teachers who may be struggling (such as capability proceedings) and need a structured programme of support.

Why should we get this in our school?

It’s all about maximising the impact in the classroom with the most minimal amount of CPD time and cost and all in a way that you can measure!