Implementing whole school, measurable and sustainable impact.

This series of workshops is delivered according to the needs of the SENCOs and settings. Most will be delivered as part of a running series of half-day sessions over the course of a year, although each of these stand alone as well. You will notice that we don’t do the usual focus on Dyslexia and Autism and other general SEN issues per se. What we focus on is solving the barriers SENCOs face in being a leader of SEN – namely the ‘management of people, information and resources’.

Available Workshops:

Workshop 1

Reducing the time and maximising the positive outcomes of your most challenging five students

(for Heads, Deputies, SENCOs, Pastoral Leads)

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Workshop 2

How to actually narrow 30% of your PP attainment gap in six months

(for Heads and Deputies)

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Workshop 3

How to get the most from your SEN budget, SENCO and TAs and maximise the outcome of your most vulnerable students

(for Heads and EYFS Leads)

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Workshop 4

How to get the most out of your EYFS team

(for Heads and EYFS Leads)

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Workshop 5

Implementing whole-school measurable and
sustainable impact.

(for Senior Leaders)

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Workshop 6

SENCO Support Series

(for SENCOs and their line managers and pastoral leaders)

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