Our schools have won awards and narrowed their gap by half in six months

What is the Pupil Premium Review?

The main task of the day will be working together on an implementation plan. While the focus is the pupil premium, the goal is to ensure that all groups of vulnerable children are accurately identified and their barriers are recognised and met.The implementation plan will identify your key issues, set out what you are going to do about them, and outline what success looks like. It will go into granular detail about who will do what when, and how you will demonstrate the impact.These tailored plans have helped our schools win awards and narrow their gap by half in six months.
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A one day Pupil Premium review ensures that you:

  • are receiving the full funding you are eligible for
  • are spending your funding effectively
  • are demonstrating the impact to Ofsted with hard and soft data
Narrowing the Attainment Gap

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