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How does the Governance Review work?

Working with your school’s senior leadership over the course of a day, our consultant will review minutes from the Board of Governors and evaluate its impact in meetings, school planning and governance. They will work with you to author an implementation plan, setting out in detail what change is needed and how it can happen. The review will also identify and celebrate the Board’s successes.

If relevant, we can focus the review on a specific issue such as SEN or the Pupil Premium.

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Why book a Governance Review with Inclusion Expert?

    • Structure feedback to your governors on what is going well and what needs to change
    • Work with your governors to reduce friction and maximise student outcomes

Governance Training

As a followup to a Governance Review or in tandem, we also offer in-person governance training for individual schools and federations. This can be about general good practice or home in on a specific issue such as the Pupil Premium, the SEN Code of Practice 2014, working with agencies and so on.

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Other ways we can help:

Narrowing the Attainment Gap

Narrowing the Attainment Gap is designed to support school leaders in understanding and reducing the attainment gap in the context of their setting. Drawing on research and his own extensive experience in leading a team that has worked with over 1,000 schools, Daniel Sobel examines the real issues behind the attainment gap and the barriers schools face when trying to narrow it.

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Narrowing the Attainment Gap

Primary & Secondary Online Training

QFT and EYFS Online Training Series’

  • Teaching standards in detail
  • Differentiation and personalised learning
  • Watch, read, do, review successful formula
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