A deep analysis of the issues surrounding your SEN Code of Practice

How does an SEN Review work?

The day usually begins with a discussion with the Head or Deputy and SENCO. We ask what the school wants from the day and plan around their goals. After about an hour the discussion progresses to a deeper analysis of issues that have been raised, at which point, if relevant, we might briefly visit the SEN office, a classroom or a provision session.

The afternoon is usually spent co-authoring an implementation plan. The plan outlines the issues identified and the solutions agreed with the school. Importantly, it also describes what success looks like and goes into granular detail on who will deliver what and by when, setting a clear path to the school’s next Ofsted level.

At the end of the day the Head and SENCO review the day’s process against the goals agreed at the beginning.

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A one day SEN review ensures that you:

  • are compliant with the SEND Code of Practice 0-25 years
  • are maximising your SEN budget, provision and assessment
  • can demonstrate the impact of your work.
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Why get an SEN review?

Bespoke to your school’s individual needs,
this day includes:

Our consultancy will ensure you are compliant with the SEND Code of Practice 0-25, are maximising your SEN assessment, provision and budget and that you can demonstrate the impact of your work. By the end of the day we will have co-authored an implementation plan setting a clear path to your next Ofsted level.

  • A detailed review of files and assessments, leading to a whole-school audit of need and efficient provision strategy design
  • Implementation of systems for tracking and demonstrating impact
  • A review and rewrite of advice to teachers about how best to meet the needs of students
  • Setting up an entirely new, paperless SEN system to maximise efficiency and save time and money

What have schools said about our SEN Reviews?

Other ways we can help SEN:

SEN CoP Pack

The SEN CoP PACK is an online resource in 5 chapters with all the templates and guidance you need to implement the SEN CoP Act 2014.

It will be of use to SENCos with any level of relevant managerial experience. It’s not jargon heavy and the systems and frameworks provided are clear and easy to put into action

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TA Online Training

SEN Implementation Day

SEN implementation days are bespoke to the needs of each school. Typically they include in-lesson observations, a review of files and assessments, and conversations with staff at all levels.

SEN implementation days are often booked a month or two after schools have had an SEN review. We check that the implementation plan from the review is going smoothly and help you iron out any issues

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