Make sure your vulnerable students are protected with up-to-date and compliant safeguarding procedures

How does the Safeguarding Review work?

Over the course of a one day visit to your school, we review all safeguarding procedures and paperwork. We work with highly experienced safeguarding experts such as Sara Alston to support you in implementing effective systems, and to tailor them to your context.

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Why book a Safeguarding Review with Inclusion Expert?

    • Ensure that your school’s systems are up-to-date and legally compliant
    • Fine tune systems and procedures to protect your school’s most vulnerable students

A bespoke audit will evaluate your safeguarding procedures and practice to ensure that your school is:

    • providing the highest quality safeguarding for all your children
    • fully compliant with all your statutory duties and requirements
    • ready for OFSTED and have evidence of your safeguarding procedures
    • supported to provide develop and maintain an ethos that promotes children’s safeguarding and wellbeing


Safeguarding Training

As a follow-up to or in tandem with a Safeguarding Review, we also offer safeguarding training for individual schools and federations. This can be delivered either directly to the school’s safeguarding lead or as a workshop for all teaching staff.

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Other ways we can help:

TA Online Training

3 Online TA Training Courses

  • The outstanding TA in
    the classroom
  • Supporting personalised learning
  • Pre- and over-learning
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TA Online Training

Primary & Secondary Online Training

QFT and EYFS Online Training Series’

  • Teaching standards in detail
  • Differentiation and personalised learning
  • Watch, read, do, review successful formula
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